Best Exercise for Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight seriously? Many of you had been searching and wondering for the best exercise for weight loss. Well, just go and ask a number of physical trainers, all of them would opine differently for sure. The reality is, there is not a particular exercise by which you can get rid of your extra weight; rather it’s a continuous and tiring fitness regime. The only alternate to the terrible liposuction surgery is scientific ‘hard work’ coupled with a proper diet chart.

Weight Loss have a Long Term Sustainable Goal
First of all you must have a realistic weight loss goal in mind. Unlike a liposuction surgery, you cannot get rid of twenty pounds in a fortnight; but what you can achieve through rigorous exercise is a slow but steady sustained weight loss.  Before we get into the best weight loss exercise, lets concentrate on two important allied factors such as your diet and proper warm up before starting the exercises.

Diet Factor
Diet is certainly the most crucial part of weight loss. If you are really looking to cut down some pounds you must have an overhaul of your food chart. You can’t just go on having spicy, fried junk foods and day-dream to lose weight just by working out. Actually, while you burn calories during a work-out you go on adding the same with all those fry, fast foods and white breads. Have you ever taken a look at the ‘nutritional (!)’ facts on a French fry packet or that of McDonalds’?  Well, if you are serious enough about losing weight, you surely not ‘gonna loving it.’ To keep short, try to refrain from any food containing sugar, refined carbohydrate as also the carbureted drinks. Rather, you may take occasional chocolates on alternate days; it helps in endorphin release during work out that would feel you better as you sweat. The math of weight loss is simple; you got to burn more calories daily than what you intake. So, not only you cut down on the high calorific diet, you can consult a nutritionist to chalk out a perfect diet chart commensurate with your projected calorie burning each day.

Proper Warm-Up
As we have already stated, there is no hard and fast list of weight loss exercises that are the best. To start with, you should consult a personal trainer about your physique and your weight loss goals, on which depends which exercises you should be doing. Before going into the details of exercises of losing body fats you should be doing a thorough warm-up. What it does is, prepares your body and muscles for the exercises curtaining down any chance of injury whatsoever. Though there’s no specific list of warm-ups or even the duration, we would suggest that 3 minutes of work-out is good enough. The warm-up can be anything that suits you; be it jogging, sit-ups, stair climbing or Jumping Jacks; anything that could get your cardio up. These are some basic working exercises which condition your muscles and joints and also help in developing proper body movements.  Moving on, let’s discuss about some serious exercises, not only for losing weight but also for staying fit and healthy.

Muscle Building : The Crucial Part
The most crucial part of the weight loss regime is getting your muscles ready for the workout. Toned muscles will be benefit only in weight loss, but also improving your physique as the extra fat goes. I would suggest not only to go after a particular area says Abs, rather the fitness regime should compile of a perfect mix of weights and cardio exercises. The ideal weight training routine should contain around ten exercises, specifically targeted for your thighs, abs, butt, upper and lower arms and midsection.

Obsessed with Abs!
Well, if you are really looking to lose weight by exercise and having a fit physique; you must realize that shaping up of all your muscles is equally important. Many of you are obsessed with Abs; to have it sized and toned properly (Thanks to Stallon’ic movies! I presume); but scientific weight loss and fitness training is much more than that.

What I would suggest for a sustained weight loss is Multi Joint Exercises. These are simple yet Best Calorie Burning Exercise , involving a minimum of accessories. Multi-Joint Exercises take care to about 7-8 muscle groups simultaneously; which means you can expect to burn as much as seven times calorie compared to any other exercises. There are two important points before you start with any of these multi joint exercises

1.Have proper warm up to minimize any chance of damages to your muscles.

2.Do these exercises in succession, I mean you should not relax a bit in between them. Starting on with the Multi-Joint Exercises first come Burpees.

Perhaps the simplest and the Best Calorie Burning Exercise. The best part of Burpees is the simplicity you don’t need anything for doing these exercises. This multi-joint exercise is a combination of jump squat, hip thrust and pushup; improves your stamina, legerity and even reflexes. So you can expect to have the whole body revving up. Three sets with fifteen repetitions each day would not only help you burning the extra calories, but also enhance you cardio vascular endurance and taking care of your abs, the back and the thigh muscles. Other simple exercises include simple squat, squat and press, dead lift, dumbbell swing and like more.

Dumbbell Swing
Dumbbell Swing is another perfect weight loss exercise, but the effectiveness depends on choosing the correct weight. It is very effective in increasing the overall stamina of the lungs which means you can inhale more oxygen thus increasing the metabolism temporarily. Even a single repetition of the swing works out your entire body, especially the leg muscles, calf muscles and back muscles.

Clean and Press
A complete body exercise involving two basic exercises dead-lift and high pull. Clean and Press involves aids in building both strength and speed-- while pulling up the weight to your shoulder you use lower part of the body, whereas the upper part to get the burble up above the head. So, what you can be sure of is complete body workout involving your shoulders, leg, triceps and back muscles and a huge calorie burnout.  If you are confident with our stamina and want to go for some more weight loss through exercise, you may consider the following in tri-sets, i.e. three exercises in tandem one after another.

Alternate dumbbell clean and jerk
  • Burpee Variations with equipment
  • Plyometric jump variations
  • Alternate dumbbell snatch
  • Dips
  • Pull ups
Still looking for alternatives? Well, then you may try out some simple actions like daily swimming, running or cycling; almost as effective those we have already discussed.

Losing Weight without Weight
You can even lose weight without embracing the rigorous weight trainings. Coupled with a healthy diet, some very common activities each and every day can benefit you equally like that of weight loss through exercise.

Swimming is perhaps the best exercise for weight loss. A simple swimming session of half an hour can help you workout your entire body muscles and you can burn as much as 400 calories. Certainly this cardio exercise’s calorie burn is much more than any other activity that you undertake in a day. Another thing, it’s pretty safe from injuries, as all the body joints remain fully supported.

Certainly you are not going to be the next Lance Armstrong! All you have to do is either cycle outside in the open or even a stationary cycle at the Gym is good enough. Bicycling is perhaps another Most Effective Weight Loss Exercise, helping in fast burning some quick calories and getting rid of the extra fat. Regular bicycling routine can boost up your endurance by enhancing metabolism rate which in turn can burn hundreds of calories in below an hour. Though, you must keep in mind the fact that a faster pace of cycling will help you to burn more calories in a particular time-frame.  You can chalk out a weekly schedule, gradually increasing the difficulty level and time once a week. By this, at the end of each week you will find yourself more comfortable with the rigor of the workout and effectively increasing your energy output each week.

Run Buddy Run
Running is perhaps the simplest and most well known way to weight loss. Just go to Google and you would find scores of websites suggesting the same. Certainly we are implying ‘Running’ and not the Stroll; only by this you can burn up-to 300 calories in just half an hour. The best part is, you don’t need even a single equipment for practicing it; just go out to adjacent park and Run.

Apart from these, if you are a sports enthusiast, there’s a lot of variety for you in burning the extra calorie. You can go for rowing, canoeing, rock climbing, skiing or can try out aerobics too.  Probably by now, you have an idea of how to lose the extra fat. Well, as you can see besides a healthy diet you got to work harder; be it at the gym or in your living room. Lastly, always consult an expert before undertaking any new rigorous weight training as also your diet chart.

Eat healthy, stay healthy.