Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

Trying to loose weight is a commendable goal and can give you a lot of benefits when achieved, you get a slimmer, more attractive body, you have a healthier outlook on life, you reduce the chances of heart disease and other forms of sickness. But weight is not lost on a whim, sometimes, it requires time, commitment and most importantly a change in diet. The article tells you the different kinds of foods that you can eat when trying to loose weight, these healthy alternatives come in a long list of fruits, vegetables and even meat. There is no-one-size fits all policy when it comes to a healthy diet, and you can choose the one that appeals to you the most.


Delicious, healthy and weight-loss inducing, the right kinds of fruits can cut down inches from your belly, you need only pick the right kind of fruits to have. With 18 amino acids, Goji berries are a source of high protein and make an excellent snack to have until dinnertime, they are a low-calorie snacks which are about 35 per tablespoon. Making them the ideal snack to have in-between meals. Most forms of berries are good for  you, but none more so effective that blue berries, they have a high antioxidant level compared to other berries making them the ideal cleansing agent for your body. They also contain a high amount of fiber, 3.6 grams per cup. Grapefruit is another helpful fruit, it may not contain any fat burning properties but it can help contribute to a 'feel full' stomach encouraging you to moderate your portions during meals. A study conducted by the Scripps Clinic demonstrated that overweight people who ate half of a grapefruit before each meal dropped 3 1/2 pounds over 12 weeks.


Beans are highly recommended because they have several benefits, it's a high source of protein, but it is also high on fiber which means it will take a long time to digest meaning that you will full for a longer time after your meal. Beans are also relatively affordable and can be bought in bulk. Pureed vegetables have several benefits because they are low in calories and can be used alongside other dishes like hamburgers, research from Penn State showed that people ate these dishes and were able to enjoy at 200 to 350 calories less then without the vegetables. Lentils provide several benefits because it is an  excellent vegetable if you want to loose weight. This is because lentils prevent spikes in insulin, the hormone for sustaining excess weight.

Grain & Others

A diet for loosing weight is not just about fruits and vegetables, feel free to throw in other foods to add variety to the mix. One such example would be Quinoa is a gluten-free rice that can be eaten for breakfast with a sprinkle of almond, cinnamon and banana. Quinoa is high in protein due to high amino acid count, and an abundance of vitamin B. Chia seeds is a form of highly recommended grain, it acts like sponge absorbing sugar and excess moisture, and keeping the glucose levels in the blood stable. Chia seeds are highly nutritious, as they contain iron, calcium and omega 3-fatty acids which are good for the body.