Beginner Weight Training For Women - How To Start Exercise Routines

If women wish to gain the real benefits of weight training then they will have to use equipment that is larger and more demanding than dumbbells. Beginner weight training for women involves an intense but carefully paced workout using heavy equipment such as weights. Such equipment is easily found at the gym. When using equipment, it is best to use exercises that work several muscles in the body. Beginning weight training women means more focus on perfecting form when using equipment such as weights. However it is also important to make sure that the workout remains intense. Intensity refers to pushing the limits of the body to challenge muscles. It is advisable for beginners to start with five repetition (or reps) and gradually increase the number of reps as the body adjusts to rigors of weight training exercise.

Beginning Weight Training Women – Exercise Routines

There are several exercise techniques that are used in weight training. Examples include bareball squat, barbell bench press, military press, one-arm dumbbell rows and even barbell squats. All these exercises can be combined into an effective beginner weight training routine for women. For example, a high intensity workout consists of:
  • Four sets of bareball deadlifts
  • Four sets of dumbbell bench press
  • Final four sets of one arm dumbbell rows

Another good option is to split gym sessions by focusing on the upper body in one session and the lower body in the other. Split training sessions elevates metabolism rates and helps build muscle in both upper and lower part of the body.

Beginner Weight Training For Women Over 40 – Tips For Exercise And Routine

Strength and weight training are particularly important for women who are past forty. Once women pass forty muscle fiber begins to reduce and they are more likely to contract illnesses. However, exercises such as weight training is an excellent way to combat the effects of aging on the body. However beginner weight training for women over 40 must start carefully. Equipment used should be of light form such as dumbbells, especially when women over 40 are just starting over. When scheduling weight training, it is best to start with warm up for 10 minutes doing activities such as bike riding, followed by stretching the muscles for at least twenty or thirty seconds.

Beginner Weight Training For Women At Home

The gym is not the only place to do beginner weight training for women. It is also possible to do weight training at home, if it is not possible for women to go to the gym. There are several exercises that make for intense beginner weight training for women at home. These exercises require weights, dumbbells and an exercise ball. One exercise to do is the stiff legged dead lift which involves lowering and raising the dumbbell while maintaining a straight back. Exercises with the dumbbell involve classic weight lifting routine called the Arnold Press. This exercise works the muscles in the upper body and shoulders and involves the following steps:
  • Hold onto the dumbbells with the palms facing the body
  • Raise the dumbbells above head height
  • Rotate the shoulders until the elbows are facing straight ahead
  • Lower elbows and repeat the exercise all over again


Arnold Press - Shoulder Exercise - Proper Form Tutorial